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Men’s Custom Suit: Must Know Care Tips

Custom clothing is an investment in your look. Many of our clients have been asking us how to care of a custom tailored suit? Sartoria custom tailored suits are made from the finest fabrics and constructed by some of the best tailors in the industry. They are designed to withstand puckering, bubbling or shining. That being said, even the highest quality custom suits could use some simple care.

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As an owner of custom tailored suit, you can easily prolong the life your investment. First of all, custom suit should only be dry-cleaned 2-4 times a year.  As Sartoria custom suits are made of the finest materials, when 500 degrees of heat hits a garment over and over, even the best construction will crumble and cause the entire suit to lose its shape. The chemicals used in dry cleaning can substantially damage your suit as well as shorten its normal lifespan. Instead, have your suits machine steam-pressed regularly by your dry cleaner; which is a 500 degree blast of steam killing all bacteria, removing all odors and releasing all wrinkles. While the dry cleaner should be avoided whenever possible, a few extra dollars spent on a reputable place are sure to provide long lasting returns. Did I mention the importance of having cedar blocks through your closet? Yes! This will prevent moths from getting into a tasty garment. Moths loves to eat through fabrics, leaving large holes in suits. Fortunately, oil found in cedar is found to be a natural repellent, and kills off those pesky moths with destructive motives. It is smart to protect your suit and enjoy it for many years to come!


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