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Men’s Tailored Suit: Today’s Guide

In the boardroom there is a line that separates the men from the boys, and it is the suit that they are wearing. Suits are recognized for their ability to quietly exude power. Power suit makes you feel confident, successful, and in control. It has an ability to channel inner James Bond that you have in you.

Suit colors project confidence, security and authoritative behavior. The best power colors are navy blue and dark grey. Black is a little too conservative and formal. Ideally, the darker the color, the higher the authority.When in doubt go for navy blue, it’s the universal power color for suit. Navy goes with practically every combination in you closet.

Power suit is all but tailoring. Light weight, well-cut makes better impression than boxlike, old-fashioned suits of the past. Over the past decade, fitted men’s suits are getting slimmer. Slim cut, straighter lines, lighter fabrics is what the today’s men’s tailored suit looks like. When it comes to the fit, jacket should not crowd the shoulders. When buttoned smooth against the stomach. Pants must drape and create a clean line. In all, what you need is a well-fitted suit that does not have an access of fabric. That’s the look that you are going after!

Men's Suits, Custom Made, Business, Grey Slim Fitted Suits, Tailored, Groomsmen, Wedding, Men's Clothing Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Columbus

Fitted tailored suit come in variety of styles, fabric and texture. When you look for your business suit, ideally you would like to a have choice of a suit that that is produced from lighter wool. Super 100s are more luxurious, and Super 120s is incredibly smooth. It is made from a finer, smaller yarn. It creates elegance and drape to it. Finer yarns are smoother in appearance, softer to touch and produce they produce lighter fabrics. Fine fabrics give a tailored suit a light texture and look.

How about a touch of personal style and fit tailored to perfection? Bespoke suit is the symbol of great style and power. Your personality could be integrated into art of custom perfection. Bespoke suit is crafted with a custom choice of lining, buttons, stitches and fabrics. This choice ensure personal fit that suits its owner to perfection.

Men's Suits, Custom Made, Business, Grey Slim Fitted Suits, Tailored, Groomsmen, Wedding, Men's Clothing Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Columbus

Suits give you a silhouette with clean details, defined lines and strict shoulders give more of a sense of confidence without trying too hard. Good tailored fitted suit evokes the virtues of assertiveness with self-control, identity and authority. Despite a long-term trend toward more casual dressing, stylish suit remains an icon of authority. Crisp, sharp-shouldered suit show that you are focused, smart, put together and confident.

Suit up, because today will be legendary!

I look forward to your questions and comments!

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