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Tuxedo: Should I Rent or Buy It?


The truth is, very few men actually own a tuxedo. This explains, an abundance of rental shops existing today. If you are in the middle of this dilemma, you might want to ask yourself a few questions. How often will I wear it? If your special occasions are few and far in between, then you might want to consider renting. How about your weight and size? Are you in the process of either taking off a few pounds or gaining weight? Alterations are possible for minor change in weight gain, but you should not be committing to the purchase if you expect significant weight fluctuations.

For men with relatively stable weight and active social calendar filled with special events, it makes sense to make the investment. Tuxedo could be bought for the price of three time rentals. Good tuxedo never goes out of style. The most common are the most simple: single-breasted with one button and double-breasted with two buttons and black in color. This is the most acceptable form.

Having a tuxedo means you are equipped and ready for anything and everything that life might throw at you. You are ready to go at a moment’s notice, no stress. You wardrobe will cover any kinds of attire including tuxedo.

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Owning the tuxedo lets you avoid the hassle of renting. A rental often involves up to 3 or 4 trips planned out over a few weeks – booking in advance, getting measured, trying it on, getting it adjusted, checking it again, and returning it again afterwards. This cycle is repeated every time you need to rent a tuxedo again.

The most common criticism of tuxedo rental industry is that most rental tuxes are boxy. While this cut fit a wide variety of people, it was not as tailored as many people preferred. In recent years, when the trend for more fitted clothing took root, the industry has really stepped up its game, Now tuxedos come in slim, regular and classic fits. That being said, rentals are still cut for lowest common denominator. They’re engineered completely differently, with the goal of being highly adjustable, rather than most flattering. That’s why purchased tuxedos look and fit better.

To get a good fitting tuxedo, you can even go one notch up and order custom or made to measure tuxedo. You will look noticeably better, as this clothing option is made specifically to your body.

Take into account the lifespan of the tux, the hassle of not having to rent, and the fact that additional opportunities will arise if you actually own a tux, as it will give you an ability to attend black tie events often.

Consider owning a tuxedo to be one of those things every man should have, like a suit. And it doesn’t cost much more than a decent suit. Over the life of the tux, you’ll save money, time, and stress.


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