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The Power of Well Fitting White Shirt

“All it takes are a few simple outfits. And there’s one secret – the simpler the better.” – Cary Grant

The clothes should fit your body, and a nice slim fitted white shirt will make wonders! It can be dressed-up into a suit and tie combo, or dressed-down and paired with a dark pair of jeans and cool shoes. Ideally,  You should really look into finding one that hugs your body, not to tight on the arms and not to long.

Again. The white shirt will reduce the man to his personality and demonstrate self-confidence. There is a reason why high profile politicians wear it to make important announcements or why sports personalities and Hollywood stars get featured in it.

Every man should have it, the tailored white shirt. It’s a wardrobe basic with a very subtle yet undeniable power. The white shirt provides a canvas so that the personality of its wearer could show and speak for him without distraction of fancy colors, patterns and stripes.

Sartoria Custom knows a thing or two about men’s styling. We help and develop men’s sartorial style. As a custom clothier, we now are making sure that gentleman have an easy way to get a custom perfectly tailored custom white shirt.

So what to look for in a perfect white shirt? According to Sartoria, it is a traditionally cut shirt with the option to choose the cuffs and color. Quality plays an important role. A white shirt, more than any other color exposes the fabric and weave of the cloth. The quality is always showing and a cheap option will be noticed. Sartoria shirts are made from the finest Italian and British designer fabrics. This service is so popular that customers from the top management to students who are just about to go for their first job interview get them. Just let us come and take your measurements or let us have one of your well fitting shirts and use its patters.

If you are looking for a casual look or want to look smart for a business meeting, nothing can beat the white shirt. It will always be the right choice.

Just call us to schedule your fitting with us: (440) 533-5659.

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