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Men’s Tailored Fitted Dress Shirts: Why Choose Custom?

Why custom? Why people are turning more and more to custom products? What is special so special about wearing a custom tailored shirt? The answer is simple, the clothes should fit your body. Custom shirt is made with our specific measurements and tailored uniquely to your body. It brings comfort and satisfaction that off-the-rack shirt just can’t provide.

  • Best fit

Men's Best Custom Fit Fashion, Casual, Dress, Formal Shirts, Slim Fit Shirts, Men’s Dress

Nothing fits like a tailored made shirt that is made with your exact measurements. All of our men’s dress shirts are crafted to your precise specifications for the look and style of you choice. Shirts are available in tailored cut for a closer fit and in slim, regular and classic styles. Classic cut is provided for roomier fit.

  • Premium Quality Fabrics.

Custom shirt opens up a choice of the highest quality imported fabrics from countries like Italy, England, Egypt and Japan. Higher thread count give a shirt a smoother, silkier finish. They are designed to hold up to repeated laundering.

  • Styling option

The choice of collar, cuff, and fit, and monogram options are at your fingertips. This could be as simple or as detail-oriented or as simple as you prefer. The collar is the most striking feature on a shirt, and is usually visible at all times. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right style for your face and wardrobe. In Italy, high end shirt often feature decorative hand pick stitching along the seams. This feature does not add to the durability of the shirt, but it certainly looks nice. Monogramming is a simple way to personalize the shirt, remind others of your importance and proclivity for custom clothing, and remind you of your initials, in case you forget. Who would have thought that it could help resolve those pesky dry-cleaning mix-ups!

Men's Best Custom Fit Fashion, Casual, Dress, Formal Shirts, Slim Fit Shirts, Men’s Dress

Casual and dress custom shirts are made to order in your custom size and delivered in just 3-4 weeks

The choice of different styles, an ability to define your right fit and fabrics and pattern is priceless. Plus, it fits and feels fantastic! Its worth lies in satisfaction that seems almost impossible these days. So, choosing the right shirts is important because the way you carry yourself, says it all!

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