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Men’s First Suit Color Guide

Are you looking for a good versatile suit? Nothing makes a man sharper than dressing his best no matter what the occasion is. Whether it is a business meeting or a formal gathering, attire makes a statement about his personality. For this reason, every man should have at least one good suit. However, different events often call for different attire, and keeping multiple suits around is a luxury few of us can or want to afford.

So, you need a suit? Have you ever wondered: “If I only buy one suit, what color should it be?” The question is simple enough, and many would choose navy, two button, peak lapel suit with double vents. Great choice! Yet, there is a great alternative to the classic navy option: charcoal grey suit. And it is just about as versatile and stylish as navy. And it is a great alternative to the classic navy option. If you are looking for the first suit, go for the grey. Once a uniform of American army it is stylish and versatile. White shirt and black tie combination will make it a perfect office look.

Grey Men's Suits, Custom Made, Business, Slim Fitted Suits, Tailored, Groomsmen, Wedding, Men's Clothing Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Columbus


Still, it is surprising how much versatility you can get out of one sharp-looking suit if you buy smart and get the right accessories. Grey suit is a great choice for a modern man. It is sophisticated and simple. In a sense, grey suit has replaced black, and it is the must-have for semi formal office wear. Grey is the most versatile of all suit colors. It is just a little more casual than black, nevertheless, it will still works great for a dressy evening out.

Charcoal grey is extremely easy to match. As that charcoal is firmly on the it goes well with a wide range of colors allowing a man to be more adventurous with the shirts and ties that he pairs this suit with.


Thanks to its versatility, with grey suit you only need to focus on two things when buying a grey suit: fit and color. Keep it solid as well; skip fancy stripes or checks. If this is going to be your only suit you want it to be as timeless as possible. Also, nail the fit. I’d stick with a classic style, so try a two button, notch lapel, double vented version. It is safe, and it will never date. As many suits at the moment tend to have slimmer proportions when it comes to both lapels and length, try to opt for something right in the middle. The jacket must hug your shoulders and to be cut slim in the waist. At the same time, it should allow for layering. Suit should be long enough to cover your bum and sleeves allow around half an inch of shirt cuff to show.

Timeless and sophisticated, men’s grey suit is sure to be a mainstay in your wardrobe for years to come.

Given its formal nature, suits  are mostly found with solid, foundation colors. For your first suit, stick with solids, preferably light gray, charcoal gray, navy blue and black. But once you own a few, bringing in pin stripes, chalk stripes, windowpanes, and textured weaves makes sense in order to add variety to the wardrobe. Suite up, gentlemen!


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