Fashion, Unique, Big and Tall Men’s Dress Shirts, Custom Made, Designer, Men’s Formal Shirts

Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

Fashion, Unique, Big and Tall Men’s Dress Shirts, Custom Made, Designer, Men’s Formal Shirts
Building a modern professional or formal wardrobe can be a lot of fun. But before you dive in, it’s important to consider it’s foundation – the dress shirt. The perfect suit isn’t complete without a great dress shirt. At some point during the day, the jacket comes off, and it’s the shirt that takes the central stage. The correct shirt selection can add character and individuality to the look. That being said, how many times have you roamed in the mall looking for the right one? Chances are if the shirt is available in the right color, your size is either sold out or not available.  As we have less time to fuss over limited edition dress shirts that are not even available in our size and for mall shopping, custom made shirts become a viable option.
Fashion, Unique, Big and Tall Men’s Dress Shirts, Custom Made, Designer, Men’s Formal Shirts
On the other hand, one meeting with a tailor can open great shirt features and customized options. With a custom shirt, you can get the fabric of your choice and get it tailored as you wish.  You can add buttons of your choice and decide between simple or French cuffs that would go so well with your favorite cufflinks. A well-tailored shirt gives you an option of perfect fabric selection, color, and aesthetic features like cut, size and design. Oversized clothes makes the person look sloppy and shorter. As you should not settle for an over-sized dress shirt, tailored shirt give you  polished and presentable look and  compliment your body.
A tailored shirt is guaranteed to give you comfort and perfect fit. It gives you a masculine shape. It is designed  to be fitted just to highlight the most prominent parts of your torso and chest. If you happen to have a strong built chest and a chiseled body type, then your dress shirt will be tailored to give you a look that will flatter your body.
It will give you room where it’s required and show off your workout routine to the world. Whereas if you have skinny or not-so-athletic body type then your tailored dress shirts will act like a buffer and will make you look more presentable and lean at the same time.

Men’s dress shirt collars and cuffs makes menswear unique. Details makes men’ style stand out according to the occasion.  Otherwise, a dress shirt cuff is usually defined by the shape of the cuff enclosure.

At Sartoria, we use a variety of cuff styles. They very from a simple rounded edge to a barrel cuff. French Cuff style is one of the most popular option. French Cuff is  twice as long as regular cuffs. Cuffs then folded back on themselves and are closed with cufflinks. It is worn for more formal occasions, like important weddings, meetings, and interviews. It looks best when dressed with a suit, and is paired with stylish cufflink.

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Hopefully this gives you a better idea of how a custom shirt can transform your look. It  can get your look, fit and comfort to the next level. Whether you have ambitions on becoming the most stylish man at your firm  or just  preparing for a formal event, a little information on the backbone of menswear is here to help.

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  1. I like your point that a tailored shirt will help you look your best while being comfortable. I don’t like how regular dress shirts tend to puff out at the edges when you tuck them in. I’m getting married this fall, so I want to get a custom shirt to look my best for the special day.


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