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Men’s Slim Fit Suit Guide

Let’s face it: man looks his best when he wears a suit. Well-fitting suit enables a man to look respectable and  stylish, and it can be worn at a variety of occasions, . If you happen to be a skinny man, consider a slim fit suit. If Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and Russell Brand can look clean, stylish, and slim in a  crisp suit, so can you

Slim fit suit trimmed just right around armholes and has a  low button stance that makes any body look taller and leaner. It works hard to make you look good. When made with the right colors, this suit adds the ultimate versatility that can be worn anywhere from a corner office to a wedding or dinner party.

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Keep reading to get a few tips on getting just the right suit. For the slim suit, consider fabric selection, patterns and color.  A custom made men’s suit is your best option if you can afford it. Pick a fit that emphasizes  classic lines and have slim silhouette.  One thing that you should never do is to pick an over-sized shirts, jackets or pants.  Larger clothes tends to make a person look larger. Slim suit will streamlines your profile, so that no extra cloth is hanging. Fabrics should move loosely over your body. It should fit well without being either too baggy or too tight.  Make sure that your clothes cut close to the body. It will show that the chest is larger than the waist. With small trouser rise, legs will look longer. If you happen to be a short guy, when it comes to colors, lights are your friend. Their job is to visually trick the eye into thinking that you take up more space. Avoid black and charcoal, as they tend to make a person look smaller. Go for monochromatic look. Matching trousers and top will create streamlines look.  If possible, go for a light steely gray.  Well-fitted shoulder pads help create the right frame.  To finish, choose skinnier ties and lapels. Go for suspenders rather than a belt, avoid cuffed pants, and and pick slitted jacket pockets rather than flap pockets. Get flat pants, please no pleats!
 Jacket length is important for slender men of all heights, but particularly for shorter guys. Avoid extra long jacket, as it will tends to make you look shorter. Get your sleeve-to-jacket length ratio  right. To make your arms seem longer, suit sleeves should end a little high on their wrist, exposing about a half-inch of shirt cuff beneath it. Make sure your jacket sleeve doesn’t completely cover your shirt. For the shirt, solids always work best. If you decide to wear a shirt with stripes, pick vertical stripes. They will add to your height, and choose a narrow, straight-point collar to keep the focus vertical.

For tall skinny tall guys, off-the rack suits  could be hard to find. The unmatched suit is a great way to cut the vertical lines of the tall man’s silhouette. Choosing colors which contrast each-other and are from different color families. Textured fabrics will add more weight to the frame. A jacket which ends just below the bottom is the perfect length for a tall man. It cuts the line of the leg and makes the leg appear shorter. Brave cuffed pants and catchy belts.

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Lapels with very large widths give men a thinner look. Thin lapels emphasize the vertical lines in a tall man’s body. Choose medium sized lapels, it will suit your body frame best. Create a focal point around the button-hole area. Use a pocket squares or lapel pins. Trousers with a larger trouser cuffs can be used to your advantage. Go for a striped bright colored necktie. Extra long neck-ties are suited best for men of  feet and taller.
No matter what you’re wearing, the best accessory for slim guys  is confidence. Well fitted slim fit suit will make you look well-dressed, respectable and  powerful.

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